Isabel Junca

Director and founder of the Festival Iberoamericano de la Voz Viva Voz and of the A Voz Academia de Expresión y Doblaje, whose main headquarters is located in Bogotá, Colombia. Her professional training as a journalist has led her to combine her passion for the media with acting, her training base in her homeland, Valle del Cauca.

She has been the official voice of the US channel for HITN Latinos and she has dubbed in spanish to actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Milla Jovovich, among others.

In the media she worked as a journalist in radio networks such as Todelar, Colmundo and in El Espectador newspaper, where she obtained recognition for the report “Nelly Mina won the Afro-Colombian challenge”, given by USAID in 2013.

She has developed important international conferences and workshops such as: Emotion in documentary narration (Voice Over Atlanta 2017); Performance and vocal technique for broadcasters (World Voices, Santo Domingo 2017 and 2018), Advanced interpretation techniques (Voice Masters México 2017 and 2018) and The three simple rule of speech (Vocology National Symposium, Bogotá, 2019).

Recently (November 2019) she was nominated in three categories in the Voice Arts Awards organized by Society of Voice Arts and Sciences (Outstanding Tv Promo, Outstanding Dubbing Foreign Language and Outstanding Audiobook Non Fiction). She won the prize in the last category: Audiobook Narration – Non-Fiction – Best Spanish Voiceover.