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Podcasting: Leveraging the podcast medium to grow your personal brand.

Filmmaker, podcaster and speaker Niel J. Guilarte discusses how to leverage the power of podcasting to expand your personal brand. Is podcasting for you? Learn the basics and more from a long time podcaster and director of The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary, now on Amazon Prime.

Voice acting techniques.

The 5 techniques that you must know when holding a vocal casting call. Hosted by Valentina Latyna, a voiceover and commercial actress from Los Angeles, California.

Commercial voice acting for profit.

Learn to connect with your audience both live and in the recording studio. Jhon Garcia walks you through his processes and provides valuable tips on marketing yourself. Jhon is a pro voice actor and business owner with more than 10 years of experience working for well known brands worldwide.

The voice of experience.

ADR for film and TV, and voice character creation, with Genaro Vasquez, from Toronto, Canada. VO Director and Actor for Mexican ADR. Among his best-known characters: “Rafiki in Disney’s The Lion King and The Lion Guard” Spanish versioning.

The evolution of podcasting. The GamerTag Radio story.

Hall of Fame podcaster and indie filmmaker Danny Pena discusses his road to success with Gamertag Radio and his first indie film about it. Danny is an expert in gaming and podcasting with a proven track record from Miami, Florida.

Level Up Your Content Creation

Now and then we hit a plateau. How do we re-engage our audience and up our game? Level up with Hilda Labrada Gore, producer and host of the Wise Traditions podcast and its Spanish counterpart, Tradiciones Sabias. Whether you’re a veteran looking for inspiration or a brand new podcaster needing direction, Hilda has creative ideas to breathe life into content creation. Hilda is a podcast coach and the author of “Podcasting Made Simple.” In four years, her shows have seen a good deal of success, with over 2.7 million downloads. Today, she share secrets for creating more engaging content, hacks to improve hosting skills, and often-overlooked tips for growing and connecting with the audience.

Your voice from inside

Understand the connection with your inner voice and discover the power of transmitting a message through the human voice, with Adriana Serna.


The demanding voice market is growing by gigantic steps. The voice talent that does not learn to leave its comfort zone restricts its work possibilities by not achieving or not wanting to the new requirements of its customers. Learn with Hugo Luis how to achieve your goals and challenges, achieve your career as a voice professional at another level, or if you are starting in the industry, learn that it is the first thing you should do in this new era of voice.


The voice path, when taken professionally and as the main economic income, requires high doses of independent work, management, risk, uncertainty, creativity and self-motivation. The problem is that in most cases we realize this reality in the process, when we have already ridden the ship, and many times we do not know how to handle the crises and the tides that the road entails. With these 5 lessons of entrepreneurship with the voice, very surely the backpack that you will carry can be perceived as lighter.

The future of Voiceovers: Collaborative Economies

The voiceover industry is going through significant changes that threaten old structures; but also it’s a great opportunity for the ones that learn to work as teams by adding up forces.
This is the upcoming tendency: collaborative economies.

In the workshop you’ll learn the formula to create your own business niche, whereas Creativity will be the key to develop a network that will allow you to be more productive and to generate greater wealth and inclusion.

You’ll learn how to create as a team, from common interests, with integrative objectives that grant economic stability that lasts for longer.

You’ll also do an exploratory exercise to find, from the job side, your own Ikigai (Japanese concepto that means “the reason to live” or “the reason to be”).


Podcaster are fast becoming a powerful force in today’s world. Social media sharing and the video accompaniment to alternative media have allowed podcasters to reach larger and more targeted audiences than ever before. Lew Hastings, founder of the Native Now Foundation will explain how he used the power of his podcast the Red Road Radio Show to impact Indigenous communities in a way that promises to reconnect culture, tradition and history for the next seven generations and beyond.